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PRODUCTS: Architect Services

SERVICES: Accessibility Design


PRODUCTS: Computer Keyboards, Computer Accessories, Screen Management, Screen Magnification, Screen Reader Software, Book Players, Readers, Scanners

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair


PRODUCTS: Commercial Wheelchair Vans, Wheelchair Accessible Vans, Wheelchair Accessible Trucks, Wheelchair Accessible SUVs, Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps, Mobility Seating Solutions, Driving Controls, Wheelchair Securement Devices

SERVICES: Sales, Service, Repair, Modifications, Rentals, Modernization



PRODUCTS: Consulting Services

SERVICES: ADA Compliance, Facility and Site Surveys, Compliance Management, Policies Review and Development, Expert Witness and Support of Legal Services, Design Plan Reviews, CASp Inspections



PRODUCTS: Finance Services

SERVICES: Financing from Retailers, Financing from Banks, Coverage from Health Insurance Companies, Financing from Private Lenders



PRODUCTS: Adapted Exercise Equipment, Pulleys, Hand Exercisers, Balance Aids

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair



PRODUCTS: Blood Pressure Monitor, Diabetic Aids, Medication Management, Therapy Wraps

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair


PRODUCTS: Alerting Systems, Assistive Listening Devices, Cell Phone Amplifiers, Clocks, Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Accessories, Hearing Aid Maintenance, Personal Sound Amplifier, Timers, Telephones, Phone Amplifiers, Phone Light Alerts, Phone Amplifiers, Voice Amplifiers, Watches

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair


PRODUCTS: Bathroom Aids, Bath Bench, Bath Boards, Bath Lifts, Bath Safety, Bath Seats, Bath Steps, Bathing Products, Bathroom Grab Rails, Commode, Dressing Aids, Grab Bar, Hygiene & Bath Aids, Raised Toilet Seats, Shower Chairs, Shower Stool, Sponges and Washers, Toilet Seat Riser, Toilet Support, Toilet Supports, Toileting Aids, Bedroom, Bed Side Rail Pads, Bed Side Rails, Bedroom Accessories, Bedroom Commodes, Beds, Dressing, Grab Handles, Hoists, Lifting Poles, Mattresses, Overbed Tables, Pillows & Cushions, Sheets & Covers, Daily Living Aids, Adapted Games, Back Supports, Comfort Aids, Door & Key Turners, Electronics, Furniture Raisers, Perching Stools, Positioning Aids, Reachers, Reading Accessories, Support Cushions, Telephones, Trolleys, Writing Aids, Kitchen & Dining, Adapted Dishes, Clothing Protectors, Cooking & Prepping Aids, Kitchen Aids, Gardening Aids, Living Room, High Back Chairs, Leg Rests, Over Chair Tables, Riser Recliner Chairs, Specialist Chairs

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair


PRODUCTS: Inspection Services

SERVICES: ADA Compliance Inspections



PRODUCTS: Legal Services

SERVICES: Legal Consultation, Compliance, Discrimination



PRODUCTS: Access Ramps, Canes, Mobility Guides, Crutches, Half Steps, Mobility Aids, Outdoor Grab Rails, Powerchairs, Rollators, Scooters, Security, Support Aids, Triwalkers, Walkers, Walking Frames, Walking Sticks, Wheelchairs, Self Propel Wheelchairs, Transit Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Extras, Watches

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair


PRODUCTS: Braille Watches, Low Vision Watches, Talking Braille Watches, Talking Pendant Watches, Talking Pocket Watches, Talking Wrist Watches, Clocks, Analog Clocks, Atomic Clocks, Digital Clocks, Indoor / Outdoor Clocks, Low Vision Clocks, Talking Alarm Clocks, Talking Clocks, Wall Clocks, Timers, Analog Timer, Braille Timer, Digital Timer, Magnifiers, Binoculars, Electronic Magnification Systems, Hand-Held Magnifier, Head Loupes, Illuminated Magnifier, Monocular, Neck Worn Magnifier, Non-Illuminated Magnifier, Pendant Magnifier, Pocket Magnifier, Stand Magnifier, Visual Tracking Magnifiers, Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Magnifying Lamps, Task Lamps, Low Vision Calculators, Labeling & Marking, Braille & Blindness Aids, Slates, Braille Aids

SERVICES: Sales, Rentals, Consultation, Installation, Service, Repair