Mobility and Accessibility Marketplace

Buy and Sales New and Used Products. Find Professional Service Providers.


Sales, rental and/or service of new and used accessibility, mobility and durable medical equipment by private and business sellers.

Example: Apparel, Assistive Technology, Hearing, Fitness, Household Products, Vision, Scooters, Crutches, Walking Sticks, Walkers, Wheelchairs

Sales, financing, rental, service, repair and/or modification of automobile conversions providers for both private and business use by private and business sellers.

Example: Van Conversions, Jeep Conversions, Vertical Rising Lift Ramp, Mobility Vehicles, Side-Entry Vehicles

Companies providing specialty construction services for the implementation of residential and commercial accessibility products or technical services that may require a license for the sales, installation, modernization, repair and/or maintenance.


Example: Elevators, Home Elevators, Escalators, Wheelchair Lifts, Stair chairs

Companies experienced in accessibility and mobility new design, remodel or engineering for residential homes and commercial buildings.

Business professional and experts in accessibility and mobility compliance. Such as ADA Compliance Specialists, Compliance Management, Expert Witness and Support of Legal Services or Design Plan Reviews.

Lenders specializing in providing financing for accessibility and/or mobility products and/or services and durable medical equipment. Example: Banks, Health Insurance Companies, Private Lenders, Retail Lenders.

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Companies specializing in the new construction, remodel or retrofit of permanent accessibility and mobility products, such as ramps, durable medical equipment or elevator hoistways.

Attorney, law firms and agencies specializing in ADA law and compliance. Example: Consultations, Discrimination, Legal Services.